• imPULSE 2.0 - interactive ECG and chest pain education
  • Responder 2.0 - online ACS and STEMI education competency program
  • Sepsis 2.0 - Online SEPSIS education
  • Heart Failure - Comprehensive
  • Heart Failure - Focused
  • Hemispheres 2.0 -  seven levels of Stroke Center education
  • Hemispheres Canada 2.0 -  seven levels of Stroke Center education
  • miRULE - innovative tool for recognition of myocardial infarction and ischemia
Cardiac Courseware

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Apex Innovations will help you meet your educational goals and needs with our ever-growing library of chest pain, ECG, cardiac rhythms, stroke, neuro, heart failure, STEMI recognition and sepsis courseware.

Our incredible 3D graphics and animations bring to life difficult-to-understand concepts in a meaningful and visually engaging way. What is more, you will have the opportunity to earn CE credit after the successful completion of each level and its posttest. Click a product to learn more about it, and to learn how to purchase as an individual or for your organization.

Online Courseware
Cardiac Courseware Cardiac Courseware Cardiac Courseware STEMI Courseware Neuro/Stroke Courseware Neuro/Stroke Courseware Sepsis Courseware
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Cardiac/Heart Failure Courseware
Cardiac Courseware

Whether you are a professional (or student), with an interest in the emergency dept, cath lab, telemetry, or intensive care, the cardiac course offerings from Apex Innovations will help to improve your cardiac knowledge and competency.

We offer several online courses within each cardiac educational series. Course offerings span from basic to advanced.

Learners can expand, reinforce and test their knowledge and competency on all things heart-related, while earning continuing education credits.

Cardiac Courseware

imPULSE 3.0

imPULSE 3.0TM ECG and Chest Pain Competency Series, rebuilt with more of our engaging visuals, interactivity, and frequent quizzes to keep your attention, help you learn easier, and retain longer!

From basics to advanced, nine individual guideline-based courses are designed to address the educational needs of monitor techs to physicians. We give you clear, relevant to practice, concise and clinically meaningful information, including multidisciplinary team-centered, quality improvement, and patient teaching content!

imPULSE 3.0 is the ONLY online chest pain and ECG competency series meeting all key educational elements required annually for chest pain center accreditation.

Heart Failure - Comprehensive

Heart Failure - Comprehensive® is comprised of six levels and uses realistic media and interactivity to bring the educational experience to life! This comprehensive, guideline-based program provides your physicians and advanced healthcare practitioners with critical, high-level content to promote optimal patient outcomes.

Heart Failure - Comprehensive explores this complex, progressive, clinical disease, beginning with heart failure basics, hemodynamics, and exacerbations, continuing with guideline-directed evaluation and management, and ending with patient transitions and excellence in care. This heart failure program is a key element of any comprehensive continuing education program.

Cardiac Courseware
Cardiac Courseware

Heart Failure - Focused

Heart Failure - Focused® is a three-level heart failure competency series that provides essential information in an easy-to-understand, engaging format to promote learning, increase retention, and help ensure optimal outcomes.

Heart Failure - Focused is designed for direct-care nurses and other clinical staff involved in the care of heart failure patients.

This program is a spin-off from Heart Failure - Comprehensive® with just the right amount of required annual education for accreditation, without asking clinicians to devote a great deal of time.

Sepsis Courseware


Sepsis is a huge challenge for hospitals across the United States as it impacts patient mortality, patient outcomes, and hospital costs.

Sepsis 2.0 - A Systemic ResponseTM is a competency series that delivers relevant, best practice content that reinforces your hospital's sepsis initiatives, educating staff to improve outcomes, support CMS quality measures, and ensure everyone is sepsis-knowledgeable and sepsis-competent.

All ancillary and professional staff must be trained to recognize and respond to potential sepsis cases. To meet this need, the first course was designed specifically for all non-clinical staff and subsequent courses for healthcare professionals.

Sepsis Courseware
Neuro/Stroke Courseware

Stroke is the 5th leading cause of death and the leading cause of serious long-term disability in the United States.

In caring for stroke patients, practitioners must be qualified and competent to quickly recognize and appropriately treat individuals presenting with stroke signs and symptoms.

Stroke education from Apex Innovations is designed to provide structured ongoing critical education for healthcare professionals ranging from nurses and physicians to EMS professionals.

Cardiac Courseware
Hemispheres 2.0


Hemispheres 2.0® will help to improve your neuro and stroke knowledge and competency, whether you’re a professional working in the emergency department, stroke unit, intensive care, or a student.

This series is comprised of seven comprehensive courses filled with current best practice guidelines for stroke care.

We deliver the NIH Stroke Scale training and certification, along with Hemispheres 2.0, to complete this stroke educational series.


Canadian Hemispheres 2.0TM Stroke Competency Series is comprised of seven comprehensive courses specifically tailored to Canada's Stroke Best Practice Recommendations and includes free access to the NIH Stroke Scale training and certification.

It is the only program where healthcare professionals can learn in-depth, stroke-focused neurological education in one complete package.

Amazing graphics, animations, and interactivity help to increase understanding and promote retention. Education is the key to competence, compliance and the best outcomes!

Canadian Hemispheres 2.0
Prehospital STEMI Recognition
Responder 2.0

Responder 2.0

Responder 2.0TM - STEMI Recognition provides Acute Coronary Syndrom (ACS) education with a focus on STEMI recognition to first responders.

Learn how to accurately obtain an ECG, specifically with 12, 18 and 15-lead ECG placement exercises.

ST segment elevation recognition, assessment, and care decisions are core elements of this course.

Content engages the learner with amazing graphics, and is supported with interactive case studies, quizzes, and ECG STEMI practice drills!

Free Courseware


Apex Innovations offers two free courses:

EHAC - Early Heart Attack Care is a free program for non professionals and the general public to raise awareness of the need for quick action when someone is having acute symptoms of a heart attack.

NIHSS - Developed by the National Institutes of Health, the NIH Stroke Scale educational program is a series of training videos developed to help clinicians measure the patient’s status after an acute stroke.

MI Rule

MI Rule Visions

Years ago, a computer generated 12-lead ECG interpretation for a female in her early 40's, (in no apparent distress as she read a magazine), reported “Normal Sinus Rhythm,” when the patient was actually having an MI!

Realizing computers are only as accurate as the human who programmed them, a 3D template to improve understanding was born. Trialed at an AMI course, MI Rule Visions was a hit! Many said, "It turned the light bulb on and they finally understood!”

It will do the same for you! Get one today!

MI Rule Visions
MI Rule Visions EMS

EMS MI Rule Visions

12-lead ECG interpretation template with clear overlay and 3D waveforms. Fits EMS 4” ECG paper and includes essential reference information.

MI Rule 15/18

Once a 12-lead ECG is completed, the 15-lead ECG takes a better look at the heart posteriorly (for a posterior infarct).

And after a 12-lead ECG is completed, an 18-lead ECG takes a better look at the right side of the heart (for a right-sided infarct).

MI Rule 15/18 Includes guidelines for obtaining these tracings, suggested treatment pathways for RV infarcts, and other references.

MI Rule 1518 MI Rule 1518
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MI Rule 1518
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